The large amount of data produced by ever more numerous and heterogeneous sources represents a fundamental lever for digital transformation processes and should be considered as a business opportunity.

We accompany companies in developing strategies for enhancing and managing their data through the design of architecture and applications capable of transforming them into organizations data-driven “, with the aim of extracting value from data for the benefit of efficiency and < / span> operational effectiveness. With the guarantee of a rapid return on investment.

  • We study and develop solutions of data management that enable services, data-driven business processes and models.
      • Interconnections and Internet of Things
      • Dashboards for real-time monitoring of
        • Productivity
        • OEE (Operational Equipment Effectiveness)
        • Quality
        • Efficiency
        • Compliance to the objectives of HSE
      • Cost control in real time
      • Process improvement
  • We develop projects that leverage innovative technologies and methodologies to improve and optimize:
      • Order to delivery process ( product selection, planning, inventory level, site delivery)
      • maintenance activities in house ( predicative maintenanve machine learning) and on customer site (augmented reality
        • Product planning
        • Inventory
        • Returns
        • Product selection
        • Costumer service

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