The fourth industrial revolution allows the integration of machines and production plants into Cyber-physical systems. The entire production process is managed and monitored in real time through

    • Sensors that identify position and status and characteristic parameters of the processes / machines
    • Real-time analysis of data from the field
    • Dashboard and trend display;

This approach allows us to improve efficiency and productivity. The Industry 4.0 National Plan represents an opportunity for companies to seize the opportunities associated with the fourth industrial revolution. The reformulation of the 2019 plan provides benefits for companies in terms of:



Tax credit for research and development activities

Tax credit for training activities 4.0

Amodio & amp; Partners in collaboration with the Technology Center of Pordenone aims to help companies access legal benefits through:


Digital assesment / Digital compass

Evaluation carried out through an analysis / interview necessary to define and trace the state of maturity of the company in relation to the technological aspects, management and organizational. Leads to the indication of the actions and development priorities necessary to trace the route aware of the path of digital transformation.


Product certification

The service aimed at the producers of goods verifies the correspondence to the requirements of the National Plan Industry 4.0 and the consequent eligibility of the good to the tax breaks for the buyer.


Technical analysis and sworn expertise

Assessment of the requirements by the purchaser of the asset, preparation of the technical documentation and of the sworn appraisal necessary for benefit from the hyper-amortization of the asset.


Tax credit

Support in the analysis of the identification and consultancy activities for the reporting of the subsidized expenses aimed at innovation organizational, process, product, service and commercial.

Improved performance, reduced costs, increased data flow management, work process control are key objectives for any company that wants to be competitive. Choose to improve!