We stimulate innovation and problem solving through the promotion of unconstrained thinking and the creative involvement of resources in the company with the aim of extracting value from data for the benefit of efficiency and operational effectiveness.


  • We develop solutions that enable data-driven services, processes and business models to support the implementation of
    • complete lines and systems (greenfield approach)
    • revamping of existing installations / machines ( brownfield Approach )
  • We provide services of Project Management
  • Supportiamo le aziende nella definizione di:
    • Product range
    • Market / Clients
    • Lot change times and production flexibility
    • Planning & Inventory
    • Process controls
    • Regulations to be applied
  • Functional specifications of machines / production installations, auxiliary machines / plants, Health,Safety & Security, Maintenance, parts, Life Cycle cost, Control systems (Skada/Manufacturing Execution System),Training
  • Layout definition
  • Guarantees required
  • Supplier search
  • Request for quotation
  • Bid Management
  • Test and Commissioning (Factory acceptance Test, Site Acceptance Test)
  • Deployment monitoring
  • Snag list

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